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Scoreposting into the void

04/24/2023 - some dthr scores

04/21/2023 - My hands never give me a rest do they?

A few scores I set yesterday:

this is my second (I think?) first 200 pp score on lesjuh. The reason I say it's my second first is because I'm pretty sure I've had at least one 200 pp score previously that got hotfixed out of existence. lets go.

this would be such a fucking cool fc if I can pull it off, I'm just not sure if I have the consistency for it honestly

Oh yeah and I might start trying to play hr more, I recreated and old zx hr fc (holy fuck that was more than 2 years ago what the fuck)

04/15/2023 - Initial scoredump

I'm not really sure how I pulled off this c rank honestly, I don't have supporter, so I don't know what other peoples scores are like on this. Hopefully this is pretty alr, the part right before the break is so fkn annoying to tap though, so I can't even get like a 65 on this rn

I can consistently 0 miss this one, but the sliders are way too annoying for me to want to grind an fc on this

Aim map...

pretty good misscount terrible everything else

I'm pretty suprised with my misscount on this one as well

my aim is pretty fucking terrible so im pretty proud of this one actually

252 beats per minute

This is for sure fcable for me I think I just need the nerve control I think

I can probably A rank this if I try hard enough, might even be able to fc pretty soon looking forward to that

this will probably be my first (ranked) 7 star fc. I have 3 or 4 I for get unranked 7 star fcs but they're all like stacked stream maps and are like 70% acc so doesn't count. I also have an 8 star fc I guess (i fc'd the 9 star hidamari stream) and a 10 star fc but thats the most cheesed (410 bpm galacticlightn map with me two fingering my spacebar)